About Collins Olorondu

Texas resident Collins Olorondu functions as the Chief Executive Officer of Rural Ambulance Service, Inc., in Hallettsville as well as Ambu-Care EMS in Rosenberg. Both companies operate emergency response vehicles and oversee support staff and emergency medical technicians. Under Olorondu’s direction, the businesses conform to state and federal regulations. Possessing years of experience in executive level positions with health care businesses, Collins Olorondu has demonstrated an ability to gather capital for start-up operations, recruit experienced staff, and prepare and manage budgets. Olorondu also is experienced in implementing short- and long-term development plans, coordinating information systems of intricate patient care, and organizing and executing training programs.

After graduating with his Bachelor of Sciences in Administration of Justice from Texas Southern University, Collins Olorondu earned his Master of Public Administration to better pursue his professional goals. He initially began his career as a parole caseworker with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice in Houston. Next, Olorondu operated as a Computer Systems Analyst with the City of Houston. For several years, he planned, designed, and installed major servers and network systems for many of the city’s departments and also conducted in-house and client-site training.

In 2002, Collins Olorondu ventured into health care. He established Nitech Medical Supplies and served as its Chief Operating Officer. He managed the finances and oversaw all operations of the medical equipment and supplies company, including obtaining inventory and implementing control procedures. In 2003, Collins Olorondu founded Nitech Home Healthcare, which he sold in 2006. From 2005 to 2011, he ran Redd’s Ambulance Service, Inc., as President and Chief Executive Officer.

Collins Olorondu is involved in his local community. He and his family are members of Saint Francis de Sales Church in Houston, Texas. In 2007, Collins Olorondu co-founded Mbaise USA, Inc., a nonprofit umbrella organization of Mbaise people who reside in the USA. Mbaise USA focuses primarily on providing free health care to the underserved. Under the leadership of Collins Olorondu in 2011, Mbaise USA conducted a medical mission to Mbaise in Imo State, Nigeria, and provided free medical care to 7,000 people.


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