Ways to Get Involved in Your Community: Part 2 of 2 By Collins Olorondu

In the first part of this series, the benefits of community service were discussed, and two suggestions for finding ways to get involved were offered. Here are some more recommendations:

1. Get in touch with the local school district. Many schools recruit volunteers to read to children with special needs or to attend school trips. If you have a special skill, you might consider leading a class. If you were an academic star, you could tutor children. Be prepared to undergo a thorough background check before you begin your volunteer work.
2. Go to the local animal shelter. This is perfect for animal lovers. Many shelters have a lot of animals that need a lot of attention. You could help with adoptions, be a dog walker, or be a pet foster parent.
3. Consider combining your desire to contribute to society with socializing. There are many groups, such as Rotary clubs, that organize volunteer outings while making connections between people.

About the Author: Collins Olorondu believes deeply in the value of community service and is very active in his community. Professionally, he is the CEO of Rural Ambulance Service, Inc.

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Ways to Get Involved in Your Community: Part 1 of 2 By Collins Olorondu

Community service has a number of benefits: you will feel good about yourself for helping others, you will meet new people, and you will learn new skills. Here is a list of some things you can do to help out in your community:

1. Call or visit your local hospital. Many hospitals rely on the help of volunteers to keep patients comforted. Volunteers can make a huge difference in the lives of the ill by offering them companionship. Children’s hospitals have volunteers who read books to children and lead crafts groups. You also may want to try volunteering at a group home.
2. If you are active in a church or temple, talk to your priest, pastor, or rabbi about areas in the community that could benefit from volunteer work. Many religious groups have food pantries that are volunteer-run, and many sponsor clothing and coat collection efforts.

Read the next part of this two-part series to learn additional ways to volunteer in your community.

About the Author: At present, Collins Olorondu serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Rural Ambulance Service, Inc., in Halletsville, Texas. Outside of work, he enjoys participating in charitable activities.

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